Meet ALEX®
Chances are, you’ve heard some buzz about ALEX by now. ALEX has helped hundreds of employers in a wide range of industries bolster their enrollment and participation goals. Baker Tilly Vantagen is proud to announce that we now partner with ALEX to offer our clients and their employees an enhanced benefits enrollment experience

Who is ALEX?
ALEX is a virtual benefits counselor that helped more than 3 million employees last year make smarter healthcare decisions that saved them—and their employers—surprising amounts of time and money.

  • ALEX speaks in plain English – no insurance jargon
  • The experience is highly interactive and engaging (designed by a video game developer)
  • ALEX personalizes and customizes the session for each employee and employer
  • It feels like you’re having a real conversation – with a benefits expert, no less
  • ALEX can be accessed anytime, anywhere there’s an internet connection
  • It’s totally anonymous!