Turnover in the Life Sciences Industry can have a negative financial impact. earn how to increase employee engagements to increase retention and employee morale.

Life Sciences: How Much Does Employee Turnover Really Cost?

Date: 04.08.19

Topic: HR Consulting

According to a 2018 study by Radford Aon, life sciences companies see an average voluntary turnover rate of 11.5% in the United States. While this number might not ring any alarm bells, the effect it has on a company’s bottom line surely wi...

Baker Tilly Vantagen implments technology into HR practices such as recruitment and retention.

Implementing Technology into Recruitment and Retention Practices

Date: 02.14.19

Topic: Company News, HR Consulting

Recruitment and retention should always be on HR’s best practices radar. Now more than ever, the spotlight is shining on millennials. They are infiltrating the work force at a rapid pace and it’s important to learn what motivates them, how the...

New Yorl (NY) Govenor Cuomo enacts stricter sexual harassment laws

New York Sexual Harassment Law Changes: Is Your Organization Ready?

Date: 02.06.19

Topic: BeneTips, HR Consulting

On April 12, 2018, New York’s Governor Cuomo signed the state budget, which includes a mandate that employers provide employees with annual sexual harassment training. In addition, the New York State Human Rights Law has been amended to now prot...


Audit & Assessment Practices to Position a New HR Leader or Philosophy Webinar

Date: 05.17.18

Topic: HR Consulting

Conducting a human resources (HR) audit and assessment helps get the tactical pieces right to kick off the process of identifying and positioning a new department leader and the rollout of an internal philosophy shift. Hear the expert take on step...


Employee Handbook Updates: A Top Priority At The Bottom of Your To-Do List

Date: 02.12.18

Topic: HR Consulting

  They’re most likely at the bottom of your “to-do list”, but they shouldn’t be.  In the wake of ever-changing tides in Washington, your employee handbook has most likely become outdated, meaning your handbook is no longer properly p...


From Tinseltown to the Workplace: Sexual Harassment Takes Center Stage

Date: 01.19.18

Topic: HR Consulting

#MeToo. This hashtag has rocked social media sharing platforms and shattered sexual harassment myths over the past month. Shocking harassment and assault allegations railed against A-List personalities in Hollywood, Washington, D.C. and major news...


COBRA Notice Delivery: Are You Keeping Up?

Date: 07.14.17

Topic: Benefits News, HR Consulting

As recently evidenced in a lawsuit brought against an employer,  providing COBRA notices in a timely fashion (and more importantly, having proof of such), is critical. The lawsuit stated that a former employee claimed that they had not received...


Ask Us How To Utilize Seasonal Employees

Date: 06.15.17

Topic: HR Consulting

Days are getting longer and temperatures are warming up.  You’re probably thinking about heading to the beach but what you should be thinking about is how to incorporate a wonderful resource into your organization – summer help. Whether you d...


ParenteBeard Announces Organizational Change for Nonprofit Consulting Affiliate Dewey & Kaye

Date: 05.15.12

Topic: executive search, HR Consulting, Human Resources, transition services

ParenteBeard LLC is pleased to announce that effective May 15, 2012, Dewey & Kaye, the firm’s nonprofit consulting affiliate, will be further leveraged and integrated into ParenteBeard. Executive search and transition services previously off...


100% Participation In Dependent Audits Requires “Out of This World” Thinking

Date: 01.10.12

Topic: dependent audit, HR Audit, HR Consulting, Human Resources

Dependent audits represent an interesting proposition for employers.  On the one hand, HR (benefits) and Finance are eager to “pull back the curtain” to see what savings can be achieved by cleaning up dependent rolls.  On the other hand, the...


Using Merit Pay to Motivate Employees

Date: 01.04.12

Topic: HR Consulting, Human Resources, Human Resources Consulting

Merit pay is one of the most frequently used methods to pay an employee based on individual performance.  The essential goal of a merit pay program is to link pay to performance in a manner that is consistent with the mission of the organization....


The ABC’s of Affirmative Action

Date: 10.24.11

Topic: affirmative action, HR Consulting, Human Resources, Human Resources Consulting

Many people think of nondiscrimination and affirmative action as the same.  However, there is a difference.  Nondiscrimination requires the elimination of all existing discriminatory practices and conditions.  Affirmative action requires specia...