Compensation Analysis

Our compensation analysis process begins by evaluating your organization’s compensation types, including: base compensation, deferred compensation, commission strategy and short-term/longterm incentive planning.

Following the research and evaluation period, our team begins developing a highly-customized compensation model by blending your organization’s specific criteria with our industry knowledge and compliance.

More than benchmarking, we provide a comprehensive and capable evaluation. We deliver confidence when it comes to how you are valuing your human assets and assist with your compensation strategy needs.

Service Highlights:

  • Complete compensation analysis based on position, industry, geography and company analytics
  • Identification and development of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for both the position and relevance to the company’s strategic goals and importance
  • KPI alignment with overall financial goals and growth for both the short and long-term plans
  • Performance management
  • Expertise in executive compensation, private and nonprofit
  • Goals, objectives, metrics
  • Implementation and training
  • Salary administration